Company Overview


Founded in 2009 in Brazil as an independent company, Bemobi can be considered as pioneer in the distribution and monetization of applications (apps), games and mobile digital services, enabling access to complete and innovative portfolio of digital services and products to millions of users at affordable prices with easier methods of payment.

We work on a B2B2C (Business-To-Business-To-Consumer) model, as we offer our services to a company that in turn offers them to end customers, especially through a partnership with mobile carriers, which ensure our accelerated and sustainable growth over the past few years. We have, today, our services integrated and operating with 76 mobile carriers around the world.

On June 30, 2021, we had average of 32,5 million subscriptions paid by users and almost 30 million subscriptions paid by carriers in 41 countries and a potential base of more than 2.3 billion users, considering all mobile phone users who are currently customers of the mobile carriers with which we do business as well as the locations where our services are already available.

Our business model is based on the combination of digital channels, differentiated services and alternative payments methods supported by the application of the best technology in order to create scale, enable access for a great number of customers and guarantee the collection of our services.

From a channel perspective, we use the strength of our proprietary platform to orchestrate the digital distribution of our services with support from mobile carriers that share with us access to their customers’ relationship systems, creating an expandable sales channel at a reduced cost. Once the platform is implemented in the carriers’ systems, we start to capture information about the behavior and savour of its users. We apply this information in sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence resources to enhance its effectiveness, bringing to people the most appropriate (personalized) offer, where they need it (best channel) and at the right time, which increases our conversion results of these people into users.

From the service perspective, the idea is to bring the best of applications, games and digital services, without ads or usage restrictions at a fixed and affordable price. This model allows developers from all over the world to access a totally new (incremental) market without generating risks of cannibalizing their services in the markets where they already operate. Our value proposition becomes even more relevant in emerging countries considering the greater restriction on access to value-added services (VAS) due to affordability and the absence of payments methods alternatives to the majority of the population.

In that sense, as part of our third pillar, we have created an innovative model for charging reduced subscriptions value that uses the pre-paid top-up balance or the additional charge in the post-paid mobile bills, releasing the obligation of using a credit card, as a way to enable access to more people. This model is tailored and adherent to how most of the population in Brazil and in other emerging countries that share similar population profiles access digital services. We also offer a variety of microfinance services (advances on pre-paid top-up, advances on data packages and/or advances on calls) to enhance the popularity of digital services.

We believe that we are in a strong position to reduce current barriers that hinder greater profitability from digital services in emerging market countries