Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels

Bemobi currently works with three types of distribution channels:



Carrier Promotions

Regarding our partnerships, carriers often run communication campaigns for our services through their channels in the following ways: by sending SMS messages, Sat Push and RCS, placing banners on their websites and the marketplaces for their services, through their self-service apps and by means of sales in their physical stores.

Messages campaigns (SMS/RCS)

Store promotions and bundles


Online paid campaigns

We hold partnerships with mobile apps that use their audience to promote our services to their users, as well as mobile manufacturers that pre-load our services in exchange for the sharing of revenues generated. We also run paid campaigns on digital mobile publicity networks, as well as Demand-Side-Platforms (“DSP”) for the conversion of subscribers.

Campaigns and promotions
on Social Media

Landing Pages

Revenue share based
(e.g. Opera Mini)
Paid per acquisition – CPA


Proprietary Distribution Platforms – Bemobi Loop

Bemobi has developed a proprietary platform called Loop which is currently the main distribution channel for our digital services. The Bemobi Loop channel allows that event in the daily lives of their mobile users to be used to present personalized offers and digital sales channels, thus creating a better experience for that user and generating opportunities to sell related and/or incremental services.

Data driven (IA/ML)
and ruled decision mechanisms

NCND portals and interactive voice response

Understanding the LOOP better

Bemobi Loop’s mission is to create a scalable platform, with low cost of user acquisition, supported by cloud storage and the use of artificial intelligence in order to deliver the right offer, in the right channel and at the right time to the end user when being integrated to the carriers’ core systems.


Bemobi Loop Summary Flow – Turning Data into Actions


A customer’s journey generates important events on a daily basis


Bemobi developed relationship channels contextualized to the customer’s journey, allowing for a better user experience added to monetization opportunities


The most relevant services are displayed to users at the right moment


User interaction with offers, in turn, generates more data, which feeds back to the platform

Data Analysis

Bemobi’s channel platforms manage more than half a billion monthly interactions capturing lifecycle events of mobile carriers’ users to promote services at a low acquisition cost. Each of these data is analyzed using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to understand each person’s consumption profile and context.

Knowledge of user behavior to recommend the best offer

Bemobi Loop identifies the best offer by understanding the profile and context of each interaction with customers and starts offering our services when it is most prone to consumption, resulting in higher volumes of subscription sales of apps and games, communications services and microfinance transactions.

Personalized multi-channel experience (Portals)

Transforming customer voice and data navigation touchpoints, including those with the highest friction, into relationship channels and sales portals for digital and telecommunication products, enhance the sense of convenience which often helps to increase sales conversion.

Main No Credit Portals

With that in mind, Bemobi created a series of Sales Portals that are directly integrated into the Bemobi Loop. The main Portals are presented to pre-paid customers of the carriers when they are without active credits. These include voice portal platforms (No Credit Voice Portal) and web portal (No Data no Credit Web Portal).

1. Voice Portal (No Credit Voice Portal)

Our Voice Portal (No Credit Voice Portal) is a call management platform that identifies moments when the customer would be unable to initiate or complete a call and transfers it to an ARU (Audible Response Unit) which will offer a series of personalized alternatives for this user, transforming this event into an opportunity to sell digital and telecommunications services. The platform supports over 200 million calls per month.


Create a bond with your client base


develop new revenues opportunities


Redefine the costomer journey and its decision making


Financial Services
(Top up, Credit and Data Advance, and others)


Telco Services
(Plan migration, partner ads)


2. Web Portal (No Credit No Data web Portal)

The Web Portal (No Credit No Data Web Portal) works as a platform for managing internet access attempts from customers who run out of balance or exceed the limit of their data packages, providing a personalized (push) portal that allows customers to access services at the right moment, including the sale of top-ups, data packages and digital services



Digital Services
(Apps Club, discounts, TrueCaller, and others)


Financial Services
(Top up, Credit and Data Advance, and others)


The best offer in the right time thanks to loop integration


Telco Services
(Plan imigration, Partner ads)


Multiple media support for ads


Each portal can be customized according to the carriers’s brand and layout creating a personalized digital experience for mobile users. Today, there are 22 mobile carriers that already use the platforms enabled by Bemobi, giving us access to approximately 500 million managed prepaid users every month.