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Global Presence

Bemobi currently has active operations in 42 countries in partnership with more than 80 mobile carriers, digital banks, and wallets.

As of September 30, 2021, we had 414 direct and indirect employees, of 25 different nationalities, distributed in 18 countries in 8 fixed offices (Brazil, Ukraine, Norway, India, United States, Mexico, Peru, and Philippines), 7 of which are also development centers (Norway is the only exception).

Even before the new coronavirus pandemic, Bemobi already had part of its team working remotely from anywhere in the world, contributing to the diversity of our team. Today, most people are located in Brazil (especially RJ and SP), where we currently have 45% of our total workforce, followed by Chile with 24% and Ukraine with 8%. The rest of the workforce is spread over several countries such as Norway, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mexico, and Peru.



Countries with live operations


Partnerships with mobile carries




Direct and Indirect employees in 18 countries

Our international operations are at a pace of constant growth, making international results consistently increase its relevance in the participation in the consolidated financial result. During the three-month period between July 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021, our international operations accounted for 48% of our revenues, representing an increase of almost 8 basis points when compared to same period of 2020.