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We currently have active operations in 41 countries, with offices in 4 countries (Brazil, Ukraine, Norway and India) and development centers in all of them, except Norway. In addition to our permanent offices, some of our staff were already working remotely from around the world (even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic), contributing to the diversity of our team. As of the date of this offering memorandum, we had employees located in 15 countries representing 19 nationalities.

There are 255 employees, most of these employees are located in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), where 71% of our total workforce is currently located. 15% of our total workforce is located in Ukraine and 3% of our total workforce is located in Norway. The rest of the workforce is scattered through a variety of countries including India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Pakistan.



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Direct and Indirect employees in 15 countries

Our international operations are at a pace of constant growth, making international results consistently increase its relevance in the participation in the consolidated financial result. During the three-month period ended June 30, 2021, our international operations accounted for 40% of our revenues, representing an increase of 0.4 basis points since 2020.