Services Offering – Old

We currently have three lines of services:

1. Apps and Games subscriptions

Apps and games subscriptions are our principal lines of results. Hundreds of apps and games are included in our premium service, which contain no advertisements and turn all functions available to provide the best experience to users, in exchange for a subscription at a fixed and affordable price, without the need of using credit cards. Our offer includes periods of use that are free of charge for up to seven days so that customers can try out our service.

Apps and Games subscriptions
2. Microfinance services

Our platform offers different solutions to pre-paid customers with zero balances. The solutions are tailored to each customer profile and its current needs, such as the sale of top-ups through electronic payments, advances on pre-paid top-up, advances on data packages and advances on calls. In addition, in our microcredit services, benefits are approved and granted immediately to users with zero balances while payment will be collected on the next top-up.

Microfinance services
3. Messaging & communications services

We have a end-to-end voice messaging service platform capable to offer different kind of services including visual access through apps and/or text messages and WhatsApp systems fully integrated, an spam control for undesired calls and the conversion of voice calls into texts based on artificial intelligence. These services are offered in partnership with carriers as an additional service, or in some cases, may be included directly in the customer plans offered by such carriers.

Messaging & communications services

We currently work with three
types of distribution channels:

1. Carrier Promotions

Regarding our partnerships, carriers often run communication campaigns for our services through their channels in the following ways: by sending SMS messages, Sat Push and RCS, placing banners on their websites and the marketplaces for their services, through their self-service apps and by means of sales in their physical stores.

2. Online Paid Campaigns

We hold partnerships with mobile apps that use their audience to promote our services to their users, as well as mobile manufacturers that pre-load our services in exchange for the sharing of revenues generated. We also run paid campaigns on digital mobile publicity networks, as well as Demand-Side-Platforms (“DSP”) for the conversion of subscribers.

  • Messages campaigns (SMS/RCS)
  • Store promotions and bundles
  • Revenue share based
    (e.g. Opera Mini)
    Paid per acquisition – CPA
3. Proprietary Channels Platform

We developed the Bemobi Loop proprietary channel, which is currently the main distribution channel for our digital services. The Bemobi Loop channel allows mobile carriers to make good use of events in the daily lives of their users to present personalized digital channels. This creates a better digital experience and generates cross-selling opportunities, as well as sales of related services and incremental services on an expandable basis.

  • Data driven (IA/ML) and rule-based decision engine
  • NCND portals and interactive voice response