Hot Line

The Hot Line is an interface created specifically for reporting events that are not compliant with Bemobi`s Code of Conduct other company policies or any, even if supposedly, act that violates the current laws and regulations, designed to be a safe and, if you prefer, an anonymous communication.

The Hot Line is available to anyone, Bemobi`s employees and third parties, its partners, suppliers and service providers, as well as all public in general.

We ensure confidentiality and absolute secrecy regarding the communications and information. Bemobi ensures protection to all communicators that are done in good faith. Any attitudes that characterize retaliation or embarrassment to those that communicates that acts in good faith are strictly prohibited, and the appropriate disciplinary procedures must be applied.

Communications to the Hot Line will be delivered directly to the person responsible for compliance (employee member of the Compliance Risk Management). It is important to detail as much information as possible for the effective inquiry.


You can choose to identify yourself or not, according to the options described below:

Identified: You identify yourself and type your data, which can only be viewed by the person responsible for compliance, with the supervision and support of Bemobi`s Audit Committee.

Anonymous: You do NOT identify yourself, but you can provide an email, for contact, if additional information is required.

Regardless the chosen option, contact will only be made by the person responsible for compliance, a Risk Management and Compliance employee or member of the Bemobi Audit Committee, ensuring the confidentiality of the information.